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About Us

Auto parts of Welfull as a professional export Dept. since in 2007, it belongs to Welfull. After 10 years of development, we sell Chinese auto parts all over the world, especially in South America. We can provide good service to our customers. Our advantage is a wide variety of products and competitive prices.

Wellfull is an industry and commerce group covering manufacture,commerce trade, investment, internet platform  services, which act as the main industry business sectors, and the modern commerce and manufacture is the core of the group.

Wellfull have greatly stable clients  from over 70 countries all over the world and hundreds of steady local supplier resources. We also have a wide business scope and complete series of products, such as auto parts,motorcycle parts,mould, textile fabric, garments and home textile, bags and cases,outdoor camp and sleeping bags,garden items, hardware, furniture, building materials, electron lights and electric apparatus, pharmaceutical intermediates etc. Meanwhile,import products include bulk raw materials, maternal and infant supplies,health care products, nuts, wine, etc.

During the long-term development, our company has formed unique advantage and owned abundant experience in Basic operation of international market. what's more, to meet with market demand, our company is adjusting the construct continually and seeking cooperative partner in International trade, to expand market and achieve a win-win situation! If your products and Purchase intention are suitable for our business, please contact us.